They say seeing is believing ...

But imagine living with a disease you cannot see. One that bears no face. One that exists in total darkness.

light focused on pained green eyes staring off into the distance
man holding his head in pain and frustration

Leaving you desperate,
isolated, and afraid.


It is time to
shine a light

On the real people, the real stories, and the real struggles of living with chronic pain.

old woman looking ahead with timid hope
view of man looking out a bright window from behind

In relationships with loved ones.

In the workplace.

In society.

This is our chance to give a voice to all those suffering in silence.

This is our commitment to shine a light so bright, the world has no choice but to take notice.

This is our movement to improve the lives of those living with chronic pain.

woman looking ahead with pride and confidence

Imagine living with a disease the world can see.

This Is Pain.

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