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This Is Pain is a movement to improve the lives of those living with chronic pain by creating widespread awareness of the disease. We will challenge the stigmas, barriers, and struggles that this community is faced with among their peer groups, in the workplace, and in society at large.

But we cannot do it alone. A movement is only as strong as the people brave enough to join it. With your support, we can shine a light on the realities of living with chronic pain and become the unavoidable voice that calls for change.

Your pain. Your story.

Nobody knows chronic pain quite like those who live with it. While it can often feel isolating, knowing you are not alone can be life-changing. Real stories from real people have the ability to provide comfort to those living with chronic pain, and create the empathy that will inspire society to take action.

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A community that cares

Caregivers, family, and friends play an important role in the chronic pain community. Sharing your experience of supporting a loved one living with chronic pain can help provide insight for other caregivers. You can help identify the right questions to ask a doctor and share techniques on how you care for yourself while caring for someone else.

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Find those already fighting for you

This Is Pain is proud to partner with the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA), an organization that has been working diligently to bring about change on behalf of individuals living with chronic pain for decades. Together, we will work to achieve wider recognition of pain as a disease state, and advocate for improved healthcare access options, increased research funding, and fair workplace representation for individuals living with chronic pain.

Learn about the ACPA’s mission