See My Pain

Artist Trina Merry brings to life the personal stories of eight people living with chronic pain; using her signature body painting technique to visualize a condition that is so often misunderstood, if not unknown. Each person’s unique account of chronic pain is reflected in Trina’s dynamic creations, resulting in a series of powerful stories and emotive visuals.

Woman painted with lightning bolts

Real People. Real Stories.

About the Artist

Trina Merry is a fine art body painter, living in New York City. Her passion for storytelling and for being able to represent these real people living with chronic pain, is evident in her beautiful and arresting artwork. Trina spent time understanding each individual person’s pain story and symptoms before collaborating with them on concepts that would bring these personal narratives to life for the world to see.

Headshot of Trina Merry

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Nobody knows chronic pain quite like those who live with it. While it can often feel isolating, knowing you are not alone can be life-changing. Real stories from real people have the ability to provide comfort to those living with chronic pain, and create empathy that will inspire society to take action.

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