Tell Your Story. Shatter The Stigma.

Chronic pain affects over 10 million Americans every day, and yet, so much stigma and apathy exists toward the disease. By confronting that negative sentiment and creating widespread recognition for those living with chronic pain, we hope to ultimately combat the systemic challenges that patients face.

To achieve this, we want to share real stories of people living with chronic pain. Sharing your experience can help others living with chronic pain realize that they are not in their fight alone, and allow us to better show the world what it means to live with chronic pain.

So join our movement by sharing your personal story of living with chronic pain.

If you choose to share your story, it may be used on this website, in related social media channels, or in other This Is Pain communications. You can see an example of what your story might look like here.

Submission: In your own words, tell us about your pain.

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